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lost_rumble's Journal

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Lost Icontest without eliminations

lost_rumble is a different kind of icontest. It's based on the icontest chimera_x started over at disney_rumble. Rather than the scary elimination process, winners are determined based on their cumulative score for the round.

If you'd like to play, just sign up in the sign up post. Sign ups will be open until midnight EST, Friday the 13th of June.

When a screen cap is provided, only those caps are allowed. Screen caps may be blended.

No animation allowed.

Icons must meet LJ standards (100 x 100, 40 kb)

Upload your icons to a hosting site like Photobucket and post your entry by way of a comment on the weekly challenge post using both an image and a link.

Since the winner is determined based on creativity and quality, not designer popularity, all icons are to remain anonymous. Do not post your name anywhere on your icon or in the address where it is hosted. Do not reveal which icon is yours until after voting is done.

The person with the highest cumulative score at the end of all the challenges will be the winner of the round.

Each week a bonus point is awarded for the special category. Whoever gets the most votes for the special category will earn the bonus point. You aren't required to design your icon for this category.

Voting & Points
Voting is open each weekend. Vote for your favorite 3 icons. At the end of each voting period votes will be tallied and points will be awarded as follows:

1st place = 3 points

2nd place = 2 points

3rd place = 1 point

You will also receive 1 point for each challenge that you enter, and there will be 1 bonus point awarded to the 1 icon with the most special category votes.

In the event of a tie, each icon will receive the points for the place they tied in.

Cheating is not tolerated. Do not vote for yourself. That's cheesy.

Bonus Points
Pimpage. It's a beautiful thing. For up to 2 promotions you can earn yourself an extra point. Please no pimping in promo only communities. Post a link to the pimp. These points must be earned by Friday the 13th of June, midnight EST.

We also could use new faces, so earn yourself up to 3 bonus points for getting others to join. Just tell them to reference you in their sign up post. As with the pimp points, these must be earned by Friday the 13th of June, midnight EST.

Special Category Examples
Crop- Icon that shows the best/most interesting crop.
Text- Icon that uses text the most creatively.
Best Blend- Icon that most effectively blends 2 or more of the provided screen caps.

Want to be an affiliate? Just leave a messsage here

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Round 1
First: darknumb
Second: brokendartist
Third: flo_83

Let's take over the world with icon rumbles. Feel free to start your own rumble, just link back to disney_rumble with credit. And let chimera_x know so she can hook you up with affiliation and whatnot.

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